Hello and Welcome to my Blog

I am so excited to give you the Virtual tour about everything you are here for!

If you are new here, my name is Priyam and this is the place where I share my Work, Little glimpse of process, Art, Moments by which I got unexpectedly inspired and effort to make you laugh on my jokes.!

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Girl with Hoops

I wanted to Handcraft such Hoops, where in the east side of the of the city, one doesn’t has to wait for the sunset to wear it.

The basic Concept i had in mind was to bring the 90’s culture and aesthetic modern art of today, together. Basic but above the Basic!

With overwhelming procedure which includes Handcrafting as main core thing, my vision was to design Hoops that gives Nostalgia feels.

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Jungle studio

You are here! Thank you! for making all the efforts to read more about.

I run my business from my little studio located in New Delhi, India.

Why i call it Jungle?

My studio is an escape for me, in dream of a place which I always wanted to have, with those little mud miniatures and more of with every kind of plants..making it more Jungle come studio!.

but the place is still in progress.

I have a lot funny hopes.. vision you may say for my work space, like

i would like to hold the Wall that has zillions of old postcards from different places around the world holding unsaid stories on my Wall.

Here,s little glimpse of the space, where my all thoughts starts coming real on desk.

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About the process

Born out of a thought to look in Old times, The Hoops i design, particularly has a lot to do with it.

My thought was to make shapes in Hoops like, Floral, Animal, Geometry, bending it more towards nostalgia touch! and keeping it sober with the most eye-calming Shades in it.

Everybody have their days, where you don’t even know whether it’s the right path or how long you have to walk before you see that little spark of Hope. It wasn’t this clear from beginning.

But one thing always kept me going, and that was my love for Handcraft, knowing the bottom level is that maybe it’s not going to succeed in the world of perfection, but it will never make my affection for the Handcraft any lesser.

And I want you to believe, that no matter what happens or which ever path you take,

Consistency will win over everything!

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One with Dadi Ma

We all still have that kid inside us, who still turn eyes to certain things that we were sensitive about in our Childhood.

Of course, we all look back to those old pictures and find it now laughable, on how it used to mean world to us.

The one with , Crayon lover or the one who can’t get enough with the smell of Monsoon mud. Hoops, it was for me. My grandmother or almost every woman i must say, used to wear these little round Hoops in those days, that used to bring rush in my heart and make me believe, that i had something to do with it, but who knew that little crush , will comeback and take me this far after years.

Am 90’s obsessor. i still like to see my hair braided and prefer parantha ghee namak over everything, call out any day! I have playlist which has old bolly disco songs it. Yeah! i know what you thinking. haha!

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Checking in Adulting with Messy Bun

There have been days when the light of the sun was also itchy to my eyes. Where there was this room where, i adjusted my little table at the corner of Wall, with the hope in eyes,that this is all i have got. this is it.

When every morning i woke up, asking myself, WHY? Is it neseccary? why can’t you just go with the flow? and keep pushing yourself towards that little affection you have, that you even not sure about. Thoughts rebelled each other evey.single.morning. It wasn’t that simple. It was scary and dark, where you feel the past is past and the future is big hallow, where nobody is there to assure you that it’s going to all work out. But, i will tell you one thing,

Everything Works out! You just need to find what Works out for You!

There can be a lot of ways to say certain things. Pass me the cup of tea? may i get the cup of tea?. i love you. It all depends on how you take things.

And that’s why you may get anxiety every morning, but believe that anxiety is there for a reason!

So that’s how with Pep in my Step, Haha! and Wide smile, am waking every morning in my own professional messy bun, and taking mess as a bless 🙂

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I want to say Thank You! for reading this all out till here! and having this urge to know more about me.

Handcraft for me was never about completing the vision and dreams. It all came with Time, when i got my hands in mud for pottery. Yes, am pottery maker too. It is Exhilaration for me.

I personally feel that there are a lot of people, who have gone deep in the process of Handcraft, To the one with Hand on Weaving, or The one with Pottery works.

They have felt the process, they have been in the process , they were the process! (if you know where am trying to take you). I would like to bring them all out !

After crush on and making Hoops, my second utterly pouring heart thing is to bring these Hardworking Artists and their process, let be known by Everybody.

And because you made all this effort to read till end of my Blog, I would like to tell something, that You might only know! hehe

I am soon coming with very exciting project of Aesthetic Pottery making and their overwhelming process!

Love Priyam Jaiswal

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