About the process

Born out of a thought to look in Old times, The Hoops i design, particularly has a lot to do with it.

My thought was to make shapes in Hoops like, Floral, Animal, Geometry, bending it more towards nostalgia touch! and keeping it sober with the most eye-calming Shades in it.

Everybody have their days, where you don’t even know whether it’s the right path or how long you have to walk before you see that little spark of Hope. It wasn’t this clear from beginning.

But one thing always kept me going, and that was my love for Handcraft, knowing the bottom level is that maybe it’s not going to succeed in the world of perfection, but it will never make my affection for the Handcraft any lesser.

And I want you to believe, that no matter what happens or which ever path you take,

Consistency will win over everything!