Checking in Adulting with Messy Bun

There have been days when the light of the sun was also itchy to my eyes. Where there was this room where, i adjusted my little table at the corner of Wall, with the hope in eyes,that this is all i have got. this is it.

When every morning i woke up, asking myself, WHY? Is it neseccary? why can’t you just go with the flow? and keep pushing yourself towards that little affection you have, that you even not sure about. Thoughts rebelled each other evey.single.morning. It wasn’t that simple. It was scary and dark, where you feel the past is past and the future is big hallow, where nobody is there to assure you that it’s going to all work out. But, i will tell you one thing,

Everything Works out! You just need to find what Works out for You!

There can be a lot of ways to say certain things. Pass me the cup of tea? may i get the cup of tea?. i love you. It all depends on how you take things.

And that’s why you may get anxiety every morning, but believe that anxiety is there for a reason!

So that’s how with Pep in my Step, Haha! and Wide smile, am waking every morning in my own professional messy bun, and taking mess as a bless 🙂