One with Dadi Ma

We all still have that kid inside us, who still turn eyes to certain things that we were sensitive about in our Childhood.

Of course, we all look back to those old pictures and find it now laughable, on how it used to mean world to us.

The one with , Crayon lover or the one who can’t get enough with the smell of Monsoon mud. Hoops, it was for me. My grandmother or almost every woman i must say, used to wear these little round Hoops in those days, that used to bring rush in my heart and make me believe, that i had something to do with it, but who knew that little crush , will comeback and take me this far after years.

Am 90’s obsessor. i still like to see my hair braided and prefer parantha ghee namak over everything, call out any day! I have playlist which has old bolly disco songs it. Yeah! i know what you thinking. haha!