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It’s time to reward ourselves and our loved ones. Hell yes! we survived! .

Entering 2021, the funny yet courageous ass thought Mug,
we would all like to feast our eyes on and rock the feels with every morning. 🖤
Pros: Unbreakable, will last longer than imagined, campfire.
Cons: Might make you smile every single time!
We are honored to put this thought together in these eco-friendly mugs @Awezah. 👧
Material: Steel
Size: 300 Ml
Height: 3.5′


Taking Care of Your Mug

The Enamel Mugs are created with porcelain/edible paint. Not for microwave.

The Mugs will make you feel the process they have been to. How every single mug has been taken care of individually, which gives them slightly textured views. Guess that’s what Handcraft feels are!

Awezah’s Mugs can differ from others because of being painstakingly Handcrafted, wipe/wash with smooth medium. This makes each Mug from Awezah absolutely unique and one of a kind, just like you. 😉

All Mugs are packed in a safe box (also available with gift wrap🎁), with a cute handwritten message from the person who has made it.

And.. What is Awezah?

Awezah was born out of the simple need for basic everyday accessories by me, Priyam Jaiswal. Awezah means “vision” in Hindi, and my vision is simple, create Hand-crafted yet limited products. For those who dare to dream big and are not afraid to make mistakes. 🕊️

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Enjoy your Mug! ✨

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