Chase your dreams. In high heels, of course!

Some people are afraid of the edges, because they can hurt. You aren’t.
Make a bold statement everywhere you go with our geometry hoops, because there are somethings that needn’t be said – they can just be Hoop-ed.

P.s. don’t forget to smile every once in a while. ☺️

Pair it with any outfit: Western, Indian or just plain old jeans and you’re good to go, girl! 👧

How Your Hoops Are Made?

All our Hoops are made from 100% locally sourced wood, hand printed paper, and pure metal.
We take immense pride in being handmade with a O% impact on environment.

Awezah hoops can differ from others because of being painstakingly handcrafted. This makes each hoop from Awezah absolutely unique and one of a kind, just like you. 😉

All hoops are packed in a beautiful matte box (making it perfect for gifting🎁), with a cute handwritten message from the person who has made it.

Taking Care of Your Hoops

All Awezah hoops are sealed and varnished with care and 💗, and suited to your active lifestyle. Just avoid direct contact with water or perfumes, that’s about it!

And.. What is Awezah?

Awezah was born out of the simple need for basic everyday accessories by me, Priyam Jaiswal. Awezah means “vision” in Hindi, and my vision is simple, create hand-crafted, unique accessories for the modern girl, who’s independent, dares to dream big and is not afraid to make mistakes. 🕊️ Look out for many more accessories that we’re about to launch very soon.

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Enjoy your hoops! ✨

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